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    Quote Originally Posted by GM01 View Post
    I disagree, because a T intersection has a major and minor road with a requirement for minor to give way to major... roundabouts are designed to have all entries equally weighted, no major or minor distinction.
    What I meant was that if you were turning left on to a road at a T intersection you'd wait for a gap and then go, you wouldn't wait until there were no cars in sight. I was just trying to simplify it a bit - I never think about major/minor/weighted designs when I'm driving, I just jump in when it's safe!

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    My driving instructor (a million years ago) told me that you can sometimes get a clue about the other drivers intended direction from the way another drivers upper torso/head is leaning. By no means should you use only this as a guide , or to contradict their indicator but it might help you to read the traffic better.

    ps, small roundabouts suck because the you indicator goes off so easily on turning the wheel.

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    OP, at least you recognise you don't understand them.
    The amount of drivers I encounter who beep the horn at me when THEY are in the wrong is infuriating.
    For example, only last Friday I was approaching the round about near my son's school and I'm watching for an indicator on the car approaching in the opposite direction as we're about to pass through the roundabout as the same time.
    No indication from her that she's turning right, so I breeze on through, only she turns in on just as she enters the roundabout and then has the cheek out beep me for not reading her mind!
    I'm vigilant on roundabouts because, and I'm not kidding here, every single school run at least one driver will drive on through while I'm already on the roundabout and I have to either jam on the breaks or at the very least slow down so as not to cause a collision.
    It's maddening.
    I'm sure most if the drivers know they're in the wrong but think meh, I'll do what I want, and others are nervous and don't know exactly what the right procedure is.
    I've done it once myself but it was totally my own fault and just a split second's lapse of concentration. I got beeped off the road for it. I put my hand up to apologise to the oncoming driver though. But what I see is people blankly staring ahead like they haven't even looked to their right to see if there's anything coming, they just plough on through.

    Have you got somebody who could take you out for an hour or two to practice roundabouts? They could drive first and talk you through it, then you give it a go?
    I'm more hands on and visual kind of person so I'd learn a lot more from that than reading directions. Just a thought. Good Luck

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    OP, good for you on being honest and saying you don't understand roundabouts - asking and practicing will make you a better driver

    Without trying to confuse you - this is how I explain it to my DH who is from America where apparently roundabouts are non existent or rare --

    Think of it as a clock face, where your car is always at 7 or 8. You are to watch the space between 2 and 6. If there is anything already in that section, then wait until it's clear. If there's a car at 1 (eg they have entered the roundabout/clock) but are still not to your immediate right, then you can go if they are not hooning around the turn. It may help to draw this out on paper and look at what i said again.

    all the best xx

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