Testosterone or HT for short this happens courtesy of an enzyme called alphareductase whose job it is to convert good testosterone into it the evil counterpart DHT its DHT that is the main cause of hairless and prostate enlargement did you ever wonder why Choice 9000 Caralluma baldness is predominantly a male problem it’s because men make more testosterone than women and Gus are at greater risk but having more testosterone that turns into DHT the third car decor modal inversion is a bit more bizarre it turns out that there is an enzyme in a man’s body called aroma case whose function it is to convert testosterone into estrogen and not just any kind of estrogen because they are actually three different types of estrogen this aroma days and I’m turns testosterone into the most powerful the three forms the best region namely Astra dial bus as a man ages he not only makes less testosterone but what little testosterone he makes his body then turned into DHT and the estrogen Astra dial now we already know the DHT causes hairless and balding what does Esther dial estrogen cause aside from demonization of the body and personality as to die all causes cancer and most specifically prostate cancer so just what are the odds of this happening to any given man as we said in the introduction in terms of prostate enlargement by age seventy-five percent of all man have an enlarged prostate and by age fifty percent have prostate cancer prostate cancer is the most common nonskid cancer in the United States and the .