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    Reading these stories makes me feel sad I will never experience labour again, that sounds kind of weird but I loved going into natural labour lol. Im having a caesar this time. With dd I was induced so connected to monitors etc., but it really wasn't a bad experience. I coped with the pain by sucking on the gas although it was turned down to lowest setting. I liked it because I focussed on the little clicky sound it makes as you breath it in. I just needed something to focus on because my ex husband was useless during labour. He had a nap as he was so tired. With ds my waters broke just after 7 in the morning but I didnt start contractions till 3 in the aftetnoon. I bounced on a fitball, walked to kinder and school to get dd and my nephew and showered at my sisters house as everyone was there for my dads birthday. I remember rolling my head against the tiles in the shower and moaning lol. Once I was out of the shower my contractions were coming hard and fast like every minute. My mum freaked out thinking she would have to deliver baby there and then so sent me to the hospital with ex husband and sister. She was an amazing birth partner he was useless again having a nap on the couch. One of the mw came in and just stared at him as I was labouring with my sister. I laboured for what seemed like forever, I was contracting and dilating just very slowly. Ended up with an emergency caesar next dad at 5 in the afternoon. So dissapointed. My ex husband came to the ward and complained that he needed a shower so had to go home. I was so angry at him for that. 4 months after ds birth we were over, not because of any of that though his choice not mine. I was stupid and loved him for some reason. Anyway im with someone so much better now but wont get to experience labour this time. Ah well such is life.

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    I had two posterior babies and was induced for both labours. First time I was fine until they insisted I stay on the bed for monitoring. My pain went from 7/10 to 1000/10. Second labour I was managing fine moving around with portable monitoring. Unfortunately, my DS2 had the cord around his neck and when I was standing up he was being compressed too much and his heart rate wasn't recovering. I was forced to be horizontal. Again, my pain levels went through the roof. A posterior labour on your back is just unmangeable without pain relief.

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    My waters broke in bed overnight so I just hung around at home wondering what to do while I had water leaking all over the floor haha! Contractions started 1.5 hours later they were ok but 3 mins apart from the beginning. I showered, walked and was on all fours on the floor most of that time.
    Once I got to hospital I tried some gas, laid on my side on the bed, leaned over the bed but it wasn't helping so I got in the bath. I had vomited a few times so I had a (clean!) vomit bag in my hands, I just leant over the side of the bath and with each contraction banged the plastic rim of the bag against the side of the bath and moaned that I couldn't do it! So weird but seemed to help distract me. I was so focused on myself that I really didn't want anyone touching or talking to me, I had music but it started to annoy me too. Labour was really intense, I had excruciating hip pain because DS wasn't positioned properly. When id had enough and started demanding all of the drugs under the sun it was too late and I needed to push. Still amazed that I did it!


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