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    Default Is this a dumb reason to consider an elective C-section....

    Quote Originally Posted by TeBe View Post
    This is not necessarily true. My ob was happy for me to start driving after a few weeks. I think the wait 6 weeks to drive notion is a bit outdated. I recovered better from my c sections than some of my friends did from their vaginal births.
    Agree. My ob said I was fine to drive after 3 weeks. I don't know where the 6 weeks came from.. I called my car insurance company twice to check and both people said that as long as you don't drive against medical advice then you are fine. My recovery was very easy so it really depends on the person. Having an elective csection is a big decision, do lots of research before you decide.

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    For my last bub, I opted for a planned induction at 39 weeks for social reasons (I had 2 other kids, husband that doesn't drive, my daughter has a disability and her birth was under 3 hours). In a public hospital, they will not grant a csection for social reasons, but they will consider an induction.

    Having said that, my induction was very very long (over 3 days) and ended up in an emergency csection due to distress. It was a rough time for me, even though we'd try to plan it to be smooth. Hubby had to take an extra week off work & school because I couldn't do anything.

    In my opinion, I would try and get your mum to come up around your due date. Or start building trusting relationships with your neighbours, just in case... If not, you just have to call an ambulance and take your son with you. Csection recovery is rough (still 18 months later) and inductions can be hard also. But I understand the fear and the need to plan as much as possible.

    Good luck x

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    I was in the same situation with no family. I asked a friend and we made sure DD had a couple of sleepovers beforehand. My friend was thrilled to help out. It was a school night and I had warned her teacher of what would happen, made sure they had my friend listed as an authorised person etc. My friend and I also had plans for each scenario (labour starts when DD is at school, middle of the night, DH is at work etc). I was stressed at first when I realised that we'd have the logistics to deal with and, deciding between a VBAC and Elective CS, it seemed easier to go for the elective. But taking care of my eldest was no stress at all!

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    I do understand your reasoning and think if magically it was possible to book in a normal vaginal birth, it would be a totally fair enough thing to do.
    However, recovery after a C section can be very very difficult.
    How far away is your mum? Is it possible to have a discussion with some good friends and have an arrangement whereby a few of them have your back and will work it out at the time/amongst themselves to help you out when the time comes? As a poster above said, people love to help when they know a baby is on the way!! & possibly when your labour begins your mum gets on the next flight/bus or begins her drive and can then take over & stay for a few weeks to give you a hand?
    I would never let one of my girlfriends have an elective c section (major surgery!) purely because she was worried nobody would be able to care for her older child & I'm sure your friends are the same!

    Keep in mind as well labour/birth isn't like you wake up suddenly in the night and have a baby 5 min later (most of the time anyway!) i am sure you will have plenty of time to contact people.

    As far as if you do decide to have an elective C section I think it absolutely depends on the hospital as to whether they will agree. I do think most would say no purely due to the reason you provide being quite contradictory to the recovery of a c section.

    All the best!! X

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naboo View Post
    Hi! Just wanting some opinions.......

    I am 15 weeks pregnant with 2nd child and this is definitely my last pregnancy. DS was born a standard VB.

    DH and I live in a different State from my parents and have no family support down here. I'm a worried about who will look after DS when I go into labour, and what if I have one of those long labours, who is going to look after him especially if it's a school night. Yes we have good friends who would offer to help but really they all have jobs and young children of their own.

    i feel like if I book myself in for a C section I can get my mum down in time to look after DS. Also with my first I was taken in two nights before to be induced and started labour the 2nd night in hospital after hardly sleeping so after-wards I was so tired. This time I feel like it would be of benefit if I have a good night sleep in my own bed the night before and come in prepared.

    So what do you think? Is it a dumb idea? I'm going public so would the hospital even go for it? How would I even bring it up?

    Hi @Naboo, while I understand your reasonings I really can't see a public hospital agreeing to this especially since your history of an uncomplicated vaginal birth. I'm a midwife in a large Melbourne hospital and this wouldn't be allowed at my hospital, even women requesting induction for social reasons are are ignored more often than not. As a previous poster mentioned it would be clearly based on 'social reasons' which generally is not allowed in the public system. Sorry
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    no reason is a dumb reason when it comes to birth choices.

    But - do a bit of research when it comes to what is involved in a c/s, recovery etc, and what the risks are for you and bubs.

    It also certainly isnt a given that your public hospital will do a c/s for non-medical reasons so perhaps have a look at that too.

    For myself, I had a c/s (bubs was breech) and the birth and recovery were perfectly fine. I dont think I would have had problems looking after a toddler shortly after the birth, and I could drive within a week ... but have a look at the risks as it doesnt always go smoothly.

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    Thanks everyone! I thought maybe it might be a dumb idea now I know

    I have plenty of time to sort out the care of my DS. It's good to know it usually doesn't happen within 5 minutes. As I had an induction the first time I'm abit clueless about all this.

    Thanks again

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