(I am not sure why, I can't see any discussion thread in that part of the forum! I know there are some, I saw the number under the forum name but when I click on it there is no discussion listed...)

Anyway! With Christmas and everything, I completely forgot that it's soon my son's birthday. He is turning six and I don't have much ideas, except for a pedal kart. That kind: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-Ride-...item5d4a0f73fb

Now, my boy is quite tall and chubby, and I am not sure if the advertised age (3 - 8 for that one) is based on a normal size children or a Chinese kind of sizing (like if I want to buy a dress I would have to take a size XXXXXXXXL ). I can find on Ebay a few karts which are advertised for the next size up (5 - 10 years old), but they are three times more expensive and I am not sure I want him to ride a huge kart neither.

Anyone of you have a kart at home for a 5 - 7 years old? which brand? do you like it?