Hi all

im after some advice please. I've had a rough time with HG and I am now 15 weeks pregnant.

I've been off work for 3 weeks now and have been signed off for a number more.

Work seem understanding and are saying all the right things. We agreed last week I would now be on unpaid sick leave until Xmas (as I've used up all mine). I spoke to HR and sorted it out.

i spent 2 days last week working loads from home answering old emails and doing a handover document which will hopefully help them in my absence and put on the contacts for my out of office that my manager advised.

however, I logged into my emails earlier and saw that they are expecting me to answer emails and go back to customers etc.. I am upset and confused. It is a busy role and have said of course I will help out if anything comes up they do know what to do with, to call me.

but, by going on the emails it's like they expect me to work from home. I am in and out of hospital and on IVs a fair bit (which they know).

i don't know what to do! I'm tempted to just pretend I haven't logged onto emails (I am on unpaid sick) and wait for them to call or should I call and say something?

am am I just being sensitive!