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    Oh bedlover that's bloody hard core!!! It def sounds like you are on the right track with going up a routine. Maybe not tired enough. Has bub been on SOS for long? I found my son moved through the routines pretty quick so don't be scared to follow bubs lead and move up if you think bub is needing less sleep then the routine for his age says.

    Oh and you mentioned you also have a toddler who is pushing boundaries. Do you have tizzies toddler book? It might be a big help to you too. Lots about boundaries in it.


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    please accept my absolute apologies. I did not intend to upset anyone, I was just being a little light-hearted. I do understand many mothers need routines, but speaking from my time with my own children, it was a case of a new routine every day. I will be more careful to read the title of the section before I jump in next time. marie.

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    BL you are doing your very best, and even though it may not seem like it you're doing a great job.

    For the last 3 months dd has been waking 6-7 times a night and only having two short naps during the day. I recently visited my Nanna and she pestered me about getting into a routine to help. Every one has a routine, they just may not realise it because their babies feel into theirs naturally.

    For a week I have loosely been following the SOS routine as a guide. I am very much a routine person, so this works for ME. I say that very selfishly as when I'm happy, the rest of the family is happy. A tired and grumpy mama does no one any good! Before reading SOS I had no idea how long Dd should be awake/asleep for (what works for her varies). She doesn't show any signs of being tired until it's too late and she's morphed into a howling banshee.

    It was my version of SOS or sleep school.

    After a week we have had what I consider great progress but not quite there. She now only wakes 3-4 times a night (with only 1 feed and easily resettled at the other times) and has two decent 90-120min day sleeps.

    You're babies are not being harmed so don't let anyone make you feel like cr@p!
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