We have discovered that starting a family will be a little more of a challenge for us than most. I was told I have low egg reserves and we were devastated by the news, but the gift from an egg donor will mean I can carry our child, feel our li'l pumpkin grow and kick and we can be parents... finally. We have built a wonderful life together and have plans and dreams for the future all of which will be enriched by doing it as a family. Our child(ren) would have a wonderful life filled with animals, adventure, hobbies, technology and astronomy. We would hope that we pass on our respect for nature and thirst for knowledge.
We think what a donor is prepared to do is amazing, and words alone cannot begin to encompass the enormity of their gift. Although we prefer to remain non-identifiable, we are willing to have a meeting with the donor if they wish, and would be more than happy to provide the donor with an update on our successful pregnancy and a photo of our new baby, if they would like that. Our child will be brought up knowing their special origins, and we will support them in seeking to contact the egg donor when they are old enough, if they wish to do so. Life can be full of happy surprises and families can grow in many different ways!
If you have read this far you may be our donor! If you are a healthy, non smoking woman aged 20-35, please contact in confidence Tanya or Christina ph 0800 433 784 or email fadonurse@fertilityassociates.co.nz for more details. Quote ref : OUR LI'L PUMPKIN
Thank you for the amazing gift of parenthood.