As the title says, could you please give me tips on what I should be looking out for when touring family day care?

I'm thinking about putting ds into family day care soon. He's 11 months and I feel he would feel more comfortable in home environment than a centre.

We've visited number of centres but felt it was either too noisy or felt the rooms were too closed for our liking.

Obviously I will be looking for a carer that I feel comfortable leaving my ds with, what other things should I look out for? Like how the house is set up, or age of other kids etc. Not sure if it's more beneficial to have all kids in similar age or different.

Also I prefer someone who doesn't take kids out in their car during the day. I'm fine with walks etc. Is that hard to find?

I have rang a few fdc just asking for availability but apparently it's too far in advance that they can't give me any guarantees so I'd have to call them when it's closer to when I need them...

Any tips would ve appreciated!
Thanks in advance