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    Default Reassurance for a newbie?


    i have just joined so very new to this. Sorry if this is a bit long!

    I am 30 years old & my partner & I are desperate to have our first LO. I haven't had a period since January & it feels like the last 6 months has been constant tests & waiting (makes you realise how amazing people are that do it for years!)

    All my hormone levels came back normal, all ultrasounds & tubal patency tests show everything is good except my ovaries which are polycystic but Gyn is reluctant to diagnose PCOS due to lack of symptoms.

    I was on the pill for 8 years (started taking it due to hormonal bleeding between periods) but my period became irregular (skipped some) in the last year or 2 of taking it & stayed irregular once I stopped. I am overweight (have lost 15kg the last 3 months & now regularly exercising but still working on losing more) & have an anxiety disorder so often under a lot of stress. Dr thinks this may be the main reason for AO.

    Gyn had me take two courses of Provera which both resulted in a bleed but didn't work to kickstart ovulation. He recently gave me the option to start Clomid but said he didn't think the time was right & thought that going back on the pill for 3-6 months would regulate my cycle. He thinks that if I do this & continue to lose weight that I will conceive naturally or at least improve the conditions so Clomid has a better chance of being successful.

    I have agreed to go back on the pill for 3 months (don't really want to wait 6) but am now so unsure if I made the right decision. Not feeling very hopeful that it will regulate my cycle considering it was becoming irregular while on it & it's the same pill & feels like time is slipping away (always thought I would have children quite young).

    Really sorry for such a long post but would really love to hear from anyone who has been through something similar

    Also just out of curiosity he has said he would only give me 6 rounds max of Clomid if I do end up taking it. Am I right in assuming this means 6 rounds in a row? So for example 6 rounds & then your body needs a break but could possibly try it again after a while or for a second child etc.

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    Hi and welcome.
    Sorry to say but your doctor doesn't sound like the best fit for you. Pcos is different for everyone (I have pcos) and the pill does not regulate your cycle, it simply masks the symptoms. Provera will only bring on a bleed. Unfortunately it's up to your body to ovulate unless you use clomid. Fingers crossed you have some success on it. I'd suggest looking at the pcos threads. There is lots of support for us ladies on this site. Xx

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    I would book in to see a highly regarded fertility specialist in your capital city. Fertility waits for no one so the last thing you should be doing is going back on the pill for six months. Get a second opinion.

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    I also have PCO but don't tick enough boxes to get the 'S' diagnosis.

    My first child was conceived straight after coming off a couple of years on the pill. My OB explained that being on the pill would have stopped my ovaries from creating follicles, so when on the pill they would probably have looked normal. Then, lucky for me, because they were 'normal' they didn't have too much trouble producing a dominant follicle and releasing an egg ( 5 weeks after withdrawl bleed), which thankfully we caught. Had we not caught it though, my ovaries would have become cystic again and things would have got harder TTC-wise. So with this type of anecdote, I can see where your doc is coming from.

    My cycle went regular and I had no PCO symptoms after I had my daughter until TTC 4 years later. I was on the pill for a couple of those years with no impact either. We conceived first try again but sadly miscarried. My PCO seemed to return after that.

    So I tested the theory and went back onto the pill for a couple of months to 'calm' my ovaries back down and yes, we conceived again as soon as I came off the pill. So again, supporting the doctor's theory.

    BUT... Every woman's PCO/S is a bit different. I agree that your anxiety will probably be having an impact on your innovulation as well and imagine that TTC is not helping there.

    Going on the pill for a little while could be a good option for a few reasons. Firstly, it takes TTC off the table and let's you focus on a few other things first, including what to do next. Make sure you take it at exactly the same time every day and see if that stops the breakthrough bleeding. Focus on managing your anxiety and losing some more weight. Both of these will have a positive impact not just on ovulation, but also when you are pregnant and have a newborn.

    It might seem OTT, but I would also get a SA done on your DH. It would be heartbreaking to work so hard on getting your own fertility happening, only to then discover that there's an issue with him. I'd also go on the hunt for a reputable fertility specialist to have at the ready.

    After the 3 months (or give yourself a little longer if you need it for the anxiety) come off the pill, stock up on internet cheapy OPKs, plus check your CM (google Billings method), and see if you ovulate. If you don't ovulate in 40 days then get to the fertility specialist (you could work out this date in advance and pre-book your appointment). Most things I've read say eggs released after CD 21 are generally not good quality, but my DD would have been conceive on CD 35 (after pill withdrawal bleed start date), hence why I'm saying 40 days as a guide. I would not bother waiting longer than that as your ovaries will start to get very cystic again.

    I'm not an expert though and you need to do what feels right for you. For me, having a plan helps a lot, especially with anxiety. So work out your plan that you feel will work for you and put you in a positive mental place, ready to tackle the challenges ahead.

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    Thank you for the replies! Will definitely check out the PCOS theeads. Was a bit confused about where to post.

    Would any of you know the best way to find a good fertility specialist? My Gyn said if I decided to try Clomid & had no luck then he would refer me on to one as he now only specialises in the earlier stages of fertility treatments & doesn't work with the IVF labs etc. anymore but other than to get a referral I haven't had much luck finding info.

    i definitely won't be going back on the pill for 6 months & have told him that but I was willing to try 3 maybe 4. Realistically christmas & new year is extremely busy for us so I think it would be very stressful trying to take Clomid during that time & having to keep track of everything & DH is away for work for half of Jan so it's probably better to wait until after that & I may as well try something in the meantime.

    Thanks Stretched really good to hear from someone who also didn't get the 'S' diagnosis. Really hope I have some luck with the pill. Dr also recommended DH have a SA so he is booked in for that, fingers crossed all is well there.

    Really appreciate the advice

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