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    There are always acidents with Toilet training. I have found it best not to force them to use the toilet or get upset at them when they have a acident.

    You could try getting a couple of books to read to her about using the toilet/toilet training. My kids have enjoyed them we have a few and they all have a button you push to flush. We also have a baby doll that wees in a potty after you give her a bottle. A great way to demonstrate. We also watched a couple of cartoons on u tube about using the potty/Toilet with my Dd

    I have been a bit slack this time with the whole toilet training. I found it hard in winter time because i really don't need any extra washing lol so I kept her mostly in nappies. My first two children were trained a lot younger than my youngest who is also three I was living in the tropics when they were younger and it was a lot easier. I introduced the hole toilet concept a while back to DD 3, but never really pushed it. She has really been getting the hang of it lately though. I tell her I am really proud of her and she loves that, it's in one of our books about the parents been proud.

    The pull up type of nappy pants that allow them to feel when they go to the toilet are good when first starting out but can get a bit expensive. Good luck they eventually get the hang of it.

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    Still no joy. We kind of got a bit of a poo in the toilet today after she started pooping on the floor. We rewarded her to reinforce that the toilet is for poo. I hope she starts getting it soon.


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