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    Default Tantrums in my 13 month old

    My little girl is 13 months old, has been walking non stop the last 2 months she pretty much runs at the moment, full of energy. Anyway the past 2 weeks when she's down and walking and say if she's holding my hand then she dosnt want to go with me the same way or if she runs off and i grab her hand then she will just sit on the floor and refuse to move and whinge, How do i stop this? is there a way? i don't know what to do. It is hard because hubby and i are separated so I will have to try and get him to implement the same things if he is willing too. I just don't want this behaviour to get worse!

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    Hehehe. Well... My daughter is bout to turn 2 and she still does this.

    When she does this i pick her up. She wants to get back down so i say "you need to hold mummy's hand" and we try again.

    At this age i dont think there is much u can do really, its all about learning atm. And it takes a while

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    it is hard. and it takes consistnancy, so yep talk to your ex and try and get him to implement the same strategy.

    My DD used to like walking and hate being in the pram ... so if she let go of my hand and ran off, I would get her and hold her hand. If she ran off again - she got put in the pram.

    Yes, I had to endure a few absolute screaming fits ... but she soon learnt that she either held hands or got put in the pram.

    It takes a while though. Small steps - and often 2 steps forward and then 1 + 1/2 back .. (sometimes 2 or even 3 back )


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