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    Default Thumb sucking – when/how to stop this habit?

    ANy advice welcome! My DS is 3yrs, 4 mnths and has been a thumb sucker since early days (since he found his thumb really!). He also has a comforter that he sleeps with and is very very attached to.

    So whilst the comforter thing doesn't bother me too much, I know he will never stop sucking his thumb whilst he has the comforter (the 2 go hand-in-hand). He generally only sucks his thumb when going to sleep or very very tired.

    Of course I'm worried about his teeth, and wanting to try and gently discourage thumb sucking. However, I'm not sure how to go about this. He is very stubborn.

    Anyone got experience with this, any tips advice? SHould I just leave it and deal with the dental bills later on ?! Or is there anything I can do? Should we wean the comforter (omg, that will not be fun!)?


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    Meh. I've just turned 40 and still suck my thumb when i'm tired or concentrating. I probably could have done with braces for a small overbite but it's not so bad! If the comforter is for sleep time then I don't see an issue. Lots of kids have braces and they never sucked their thumb. Also if his 'comforts' are taken away, how will he comfort himself? [written by a self confessed pro thumb suking/comforter 40 woman].
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    My dd was a thumbsucker and it was very often throughout the day and sleep time. She also had a comforter.
    What worked for us was using a bandaid with disney princess characters and a new toy she could cuddle instead of sucking her thumb. It actually worked really well. She was a bit cranky on the first day and took bit longer to fall asleep but otherwise fine there were no tears. She was around 2.5yo.
    Eta. The comforter took a bit longer to get rid of, she was around 4.5 then just decided she didn't need it anymore and threw it in the bin herself!


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