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    Default IVF with ICSI bleeding in the 2ww

    Hi Girls, i had my transfer 14/11/2014 and today i am 10dp4dt. on Tues 4dp4dt 18/11/14 i had some spotting and got excited that it might be IB. i woke up on the 19/11/14 5dp4dt and it had stopped only to come back and start spotting again that afternoon. still hopeful for IB. on 6dp4dt i woke up to the spotting still there, by the afternoon it turned into light bleeding and by night i just knew it was the start of AF. 7dp4dt it was my AF, not as heavy as the first heaviest day of AF and no cramps at all!!! by saturday 8dp4dt it was light bleeding again and gone by 9dp4dt. im on crinone and they have bought my BT forward 1 day so that i can do it tomorrow instead of Wednesday. i poas sunday at 9dp4dt and again today 10dp4dt both bfn. am i 100% out, was it definitely my AF? iv read so much about bleeding being common in IVF but to be getting bfn as well as having the bleeding i feel like its all over.

    any stories of bleeding, bfn followed by positive BT?

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    I've had bleeding in 3 out of my 4 transfers before the beta. Mostly either just when I wiped or one random spot on pad then nothing for 12 or 24 hours. 1st: 6dp5dt spotting, then nothing. BFP. At 8 weeks I had 3 days worth. That cycle resulted in my son. 2nd: starting 4dp5dt, I had 9 days of spotting leading up to the beta. BFP. Unfortunately I had a missed miscarriage (heartbeat barely flickering at 6 weeks, then no heartbeat at 7 week scan) I had a d&c a few weeks later.. 3rd: 6dp5dt spotting again which continued daily till af. There was a BFP, but faint and hcg was only 10 - so a chemical pregnancy. This spotting was different though. I was on crinone (progesterone gel) which gave a wet tissue like discharge. The spotting caused the discharge to look dark red. 4th: nothing before beta. I was panicking that my "implantation sign" hadn't happened. Actually it did, but after looking at all 4 cycles in hindsight I note that my implantation sign isn't spotting, but actually diarrhoea (if I get spotting in the tww the diarrhoea comes 24 hours later). This cycle was a BFP and I'm currently 11weeks 5 days. I guess I'm trying to say it could go either way. Best of luck with your beta.
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