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    I haven't read the other replies but we did one run at our hospital and I was glad we did.

    I think it was more beneficial for the dads than the mums (because I did a lot of reading, researching etc) but they also did a run through of what to do when you do go into labour and showed the dads what would happen and where, plus it gives them more of an insight into what to expect.

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    I paid around $140 for classes in a public hospital. Waste of time and money, but only because I read and read and read everything I could get my hands on. The calm birth classes were so much better and hubby got a lot of out them, with practical advice and help with what he could do when it came to labour.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExcuseMyFrench View Post
    Did you pay $150 for a public antenatal class? Always assumed everything was free.
    So had I, learnt very quickly I still needed to fork out cash for scans and classes even though public (nsw). I think that's why I was so disappointed, I had PAID for it. I wonder what the money was for? They showed a few videos that was clearly dating back to the 80s (same with photos and charts, the chairs and food lol)

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    Thank you so much everyone again. You've given me a great list of questions to think about & ask about. We see a midwife at our obs practice every month so I will ask her for some info. Maybe she gives private classes too or could recommend someone who does. She works at the hospital we will deliver at which is where my midwife neighbour also works.

    Knowing about pain relief is definitely something I need to learn about so thank you so much for raising this :-)) I'm keen for whatever is on offer if needed lol. And I also hadn't planned that I mightn't have bf experts handy every 5 mins at the hospital.

    What do i want from the experience is a tricky question & not something I'd thought of. Am I naive to say I just want to do whatever the experts tell me to do to get the baby out safe?

    My husband is really laid back & I tend to do all the planning of things. I'm really glad you girls have raised the question of how does he feel about classes & I guess the whole plan. He was very young when he had his kids & the relationship with his ex was rubbish. He comes to every appointment with me so along with learning about pain relief options lol I need to learn what he wants from the experience :-)) thanks for reminding me it's not all about me :-))

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheeeeesecake View Post
    I had read a lot of information and felt very well-informed before my first baby, but I still found the classes beneficial. It gave me a lot of info about policies, etc. that were individual to my hospital. I birthed in a small local hospital, which has a VERY natural-active birth focus. So the info I was given about pain relief was helpful - for eg, that epidurals are administered by local anaesthatists that have to be called in, so they are not easy to come by - unless in an emergency situation (in which case there are back-up plans to have you in theater in 30 mins). If I were someone who was absolutely sure I wanted an epidural in my labour, I would have been armed with the information to choose a different hospital, where it is quicker and easier to get an epi. They talked about hospital policies on using gas an fentonyl for pain relief, too.
    They also informed me of 'standard practice' for the hospital - eg, delayed cord clamping, skin to skin after birth, rooming in, etc - are the norm.

    They also demonstrated how active birth is encouraged with use of fit ball, water birth, labouring on the toilet, birthing bar, different positions, how your birth partner can help with massage, supporting your body as you lean on them, etc - not anything new to me, just good to see how I would be supported and encouraged in active birth in the hospital.

    We also had a rep from the ABA come and talk about breastfeeding, and how/ where we could get support, and the hospital's LC - I was armed with info about how the hospital supports mums in BFing (Eg, that you can have free LC appt's in the hospital for the first 6 weeks after birth, use of the breast pump, coming back in to hospital for breastfeeding support) - that I wouldn't have been aware of otherwise.

    So for me, I did find the antenatal appts helpful to give me heaps of info that was individual to my own hospital - I've also read heaps of birth stories, and it is obvious that different hospitals differ in their policies of how they support labouring women - it's good to be armed with info on what your hospital policies are.
    Wow id love to have my baby at your hospital! Where was that at if you dont mind me asking?

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