Hi All

Just wondering if anyone knows why OI isn't recommended for women over 38? Is it because if egg quality or something else? I am 43 currently going through IVF (third cycle) and generally have a response of 1/4 fertilised eggs making it to blastocyst stage. The only reason DH and I are infertile is because of my age. I have 2 children from previous marriage. We conceived naturally at the start if the year with MC at 9 weeks. I have really good egg reserve and FSH. I feel that besides being hideously expensive IVF is also very invasive and I noticed my body is very different post IVF transfer Vs ovulating naturally. So my thought process was that if they stimulated me through OI to produce approx four follicles then I might have a similar chance of conceiving as IVF without the same cost or invasiveness and nature would just take it course with survival of the fittest.
Any thoughts would be most appreciated