My DD is 3 in February but we have been doing this year:

M - daycare while I'm at work
T - morning swimming then afternoon dancing
W - daycare while I'm at work
Th - beach morning with friends when hot or sometimes we just stay home
F - mothers group rotation at each other's house
S - usually a play date or farmers markets
Sun - beach morning with Dh (his only day home)

I also take her for a walk in the pram some afternoons too and stop at the park halfway or at the end.

She also does at home painting with water outside, gluing pictures, drawing, building blocks and unpacking the dishwasher/sweeping and mopping (she has her own small broom and mop) just a few things she likes oh and swinging on her swing set, she can swing by herself so it's awesome not to have to stand their pushing for an hour ☺️