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    I am 26 weeks pregnant, me and my partner had only been dating for 6 months before we found out we were having a kid (Yes some say its too soon but it happens) any way I have been feeling more and more distant from him of late it doesn't help that we live together work together and do everything together. But I am starting to look at him differently and not in a good way I find myself not wanting to be with him anymore and it breaks my heart because I care about him.
    Please help is this normal or am I being a bad person by staying with him to see if these feelings hopefully pass, and to keep my soon to be family together??

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    I think only you know what's best. Just remember hormones go crazy when pregnant and I've heard to women being distant to their partners when pregnant. That wasn't the case with me though. All the best

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    Hi there. I'm in a similar situation - fell pregnant just 3 months into a new relationship (I'm nearly 15 weeks). We struggled with this big time initially but seem to have mended and are in a better place than we were.
    I seriously thought I was going to drop 2 bombshells on people: I'm pregnant and single...that's how bad it got. I was seriously ready to walk.

    But we both changed our attitudes and are in a better place (for now...I wouldn't say we are out of the woods completely).

    I guess my point is hang in there until you either get past this rocky stage or until you have felt that you want out for a decent amount of time (long enough to know whether it's hormones or common sense talking). You guys might bounce back, there is plenty of time to split later.

    Maybe talk to your DP about your feelings (but warn him your hormones are all over the place, because they are probably doing a lot of the influencing in your mind right now!)

    Good luck


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