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    Default TTC after weight loss surgery

    Has anyone on here had weight loss surgery and now trying to conceive? I had my operation in march and am now off all BC and looking at TTC. Wondering how long till you went into a natural cycle and your experience?

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    I had weight loss surgery on the 6th of March 2014. I have lost 43kg so far (5kg to go until i am under 100) with about 20 to go. I started trying 3 months after surgery, just 'casual'. After 3 months of that I started testing my ovulation. First month wasn't helpful because I used cheap tests. Second month I used the clear blue $$ tests and it said I wasn't ovulating, same with the third. I stopped testing this month and made an appointment with my doctor. It got rescheduled for next week even though I'd already waited almost 2 weeks. I want to see someone, a gyno or get an ultrasound or be put on clomid or something, i am going mad not getting pregnant. I have regular cycles. I have never been on birth control. My periods have been heavier since surgery and I am getting more 'clots' which is gross. All stuff I get to tell the doctor on Tuesday.

    As for my surgeon... as much as I paid him and as great as he is... he is kinda to busy. I have so many after surgery appointments that I just cancel them now. No point driving to the other side of Sydney to have the doctor ask 'any hair loss, any reflux, any issues' all of which I say no. Then the dietician tells me what to eat... but I eat just fine. WASTE. So I don't go anymore. Hopefully my GP does a blood test Tuesday.

    My experience is don't wait. Everyone expects it will happen first cycle and your heartbroken if it doesn't. I have been ttc since June 2013. I tried for 3 months at 150kg before my wedding. Then I seen my wedding photos and needed the surgery before I went back on the TTC wagon. So that meant no trying from Aug13-June 14. Which was hard. Once you decide you want to become a parent... its like, I want to get pregnant and even then it takes 9 months.

    Who was your surgeon?


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