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    Default Refusing Bottle

    Hi I'm new to forum so apologies if something similar is posted just after some tips if anyone has experienced a similar situation.

    Bub is 11 weeks old and since 4 weeks has been taking 2 expressed bottles a day one at lunch and one in the evening. She was fine switching between both feeding methods and took the bottle easily for anyone (Grandparents, Dad, Me etc)

    For the last week she is not wanting the bottle. She plays with it using her tounge to push it out of her mouth and around her mouth. We try to persist but spend almost an hour to get her to only take 20-30 mls before I give in and breast feed as by that stage she is starving. When previously it was 120mls a session. She is a little better taking it for me I can sometimes get it up to 50 mls.

    She seems to have no problem with the milk as she is taking it from the breast no problem at all. However I do not want to go back to full breast feeding as the bottle allows me a little freedom if she is needed to be looked after by someone. It also gives her dad quality time as he does teh night feed.

    Has anyone experienced something similar. Any Advice?

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    My bub took a bottle early on. We didn't use it much, but when he reached 3 months, he flat out refused it. I tried several other types and he now only takes the 'closer to nature' bottles. Maybe try a different bottle??

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    DS is almost 17wks and at around the 12wk mark he stopped taking a bottle. He'd only had a bottle a few times here and there, nothing consistent.

    We just persevered with it. He would just cry if I offered a bottle but DH had more luck. He'll now take between 20-60ml in the afternoon but it has to be before a breastfeed.

    We use pigeon narrow neck teats but we tried a bunch of different types. He didn't want any of them, nothing compares to the boob apparently!


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