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    I'll be having my 3rd c section with this bub. My friends and family know that so I can't imagine keeping the date a secret.

    When they ask when I am booked in I'm not going to be dishonest about the date.

    I wouldn't appreciate it if one of my close friends or a family member such as my sister, lied about the date or was deliberately evasive.

    Each to their own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by French Pear View Post
    I'm pretty sure my private hospital has an in room policy and no nursery so bubs will be with me the whole time but it's good to hear that the majority are ok night 2 to look after the baby.

    I just find the whole csection procedure/recovery very nerve wracking and I'm hoping it really isn't going to be as bad as I think!

    Thanks for the tip about constipation i would really like to avoid that!

    I think I will tell everyone from now on that the date is a surprise and they will have to wait and see.
    Buzz them in everytime you would have asked your DH to get up and tend to baby, easy
    I know in my private hospital I leaned a lot on midwives for post birth support. They're here for that :-)

    Constipation wise, extra fiber is a great advise for anyone just having a baby (vag or CS birth).
    My hospital would offer fiber in the form of gelly, works a treat!

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    I only told those who it was necessary for them to know. I told a fake date to one family member because I knew they'd be there the second bub was born and I didn't want that due to knowing I would have a complicated delivery.

    Day 2 night pain was far worse for me. What the nurses fail to tell you before hand is you need to fart. Charming I know, my pain was because I wasn't passing gas. After all that work inside your tummy, apparently you need to fart it out??! Pain was much less afterwards.

    If I'm blessed with a second bub, I'd do the same again, only tell those that need to know, and when asked tell them a rough estimate of the week. I just told people bub would arrive sometime in a two week period, depending on the doctors schedule. They seemed to believe me, certainly no one questioned me on it.

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