Hi mummies,

We are looking at purchasing a new car (well, second hand new car lol). We have just sold our beloved Mazda 6 and getting something a little bigger.

I have got my list down to a Mazda CX7 or a Honda CRV but really unsure as to which to choose..

I like the look of the CX7 better but the fuel economy on the CRV is a tad better (11.5l/100klm vs 10l for the crv)

Can anyone share their experience on either car? Car seat space/boot room for a pram? Fuel costs? etc.. Car salesman are not much help to me lately.

We have an 8 year old so no car seat for her and we have bub number 2 on the way and my partner already wants #3 in the next few years.. EEK!