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    Hey guys,

    I am new to this so please bare with me.. I am trying to work out what is going on with my body.. My partner and I have decided we are going to start TTC early next year, so I went off BC back in June to prepare my body for the best possible chances when we do start trying. Now we aren't worried if we fell earlier so we are using the withdrawal method, and my partner has a habit of ejactulating on or extremely close to my vaginal region (sorry TMI!). My question is I am now day 18 into a (usually)35 day cycle, I have had mild cramping, nausea (which is kicking in big time today) and then this morning I started bleeding. It is light & started brown and is getting lighter as the day goes on. I am never early (especially almost 2 weeks) - if anything I am right on time or 1-2 days late.. We have had sex many times since the last day of my last period, but one time in particular (not sure what day) it felt like a decent drop went right in the opening.. Do you think there is a chance I could be pregnant?? Has anyone ever fell pregnant so early in a cycle?? And how long should I wait before taking a test??

    Thanks everyone

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    Obviously there is always a chance you will fall pregnant if you have unprotected sex/use the withdrawal method.
    But if your cycles are fairly regular and are consistently 35 days that means that you would most likely ovulate on day 21.
    The cramping, nausea and bleeding can also be associated with ovulation. These kind of symptoms may be only be presenting now as your cycle begins to regulate itself.

    It's unlikely that you are pregnant and that your symptoms are pregnancy related even if you are up the duff. The only way to tell would be to have a blood test done or to take a home pregnancy test close to when your period is due.

    Good luck.

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