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    Default Should I try a naturopath? Any in Newcastle?

    What I've been doing has worked after every other child we've had, but not now and we don't know why. It's really starting to get me down.

    Well, it's getting to the point of ridiculous. I'm eating well, exercising and my weight isn't shifting. (Yes, all low-carb/cal and my doctor agrees that something is wrong). I was so looking forward to being able to get in the water with my kids this summer but now I know that that won't be a reality.

    Should I see a naturopath? Is there anything they can do? I'm running out of ideas and yet it's taking so much energy to lose nothing. I've lost about 2kg in 6-8 weeks, which considering what I'm doing and my current size, is terrible.

    My doctor wanted me to try hcg treatment but after reading up about it I'm not thrilled as it's reviews are very inconsistent.

    Getting some bloods done today.

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    Hi Little Ted, I appreciate your post is a few months old but thought I would reply anyway. My name is Cody and I am a Naturopath in the Newcastle area. It certainly does seem as if you're working very hard to lose a few kilos. There can be numerous reasons why its not working thyroid, fertility hormones etc.. if you would like to come and see me I would be more than happy to help. You can check me out at www.ckhealth.com.au Good Luck!


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