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    Thanks for some ideas unfortunately she won't play long on my phone and would then end up throwing it at Bub or on the ground. We had a lot of help leading up to baby's arrival with family staying. I've found now that was a bit of a hindrance though as now my toddler just wants to get out of the pram or trolley and walk around. Which was fine when my parents were here cause there was someone to follow her around. But impossible for me now! We don't live near family (nearest is 5 hours drive away) so no babysitters for us! My dh works away a lot also but I may look into this online shopping. I like to go do the groceries cause it's a good outing for us but maybe won't be able to until DD will cooperate a bit better. She is pretty good really, just such an octopus - hand fly everywhere grabbing everything and anything a million miles per hour. Who'd have thought they'd have so much speed on them these toddlers haha

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    Hi ladies.. I have a 16month old and an 8.5 week old and we have been travelling well for a while now but lately things are starting to become unpleasant with my toddler.

    Something simple like going to do the grocery shopping is become so painful. She is starting to purposely hit Bub in the face or take her blanket and she just doesn't want to sit still. I know it's purposefully cause she looks at me when she hits and says "owww"

    I have tried distracting her, ignoring her plus lots of other things I don't want to just feed her food to shut her up and we are not keen on giving our children phones/iPads to keep them quiet either. Grrr it is really getting painful and I end up getting so annoyed at her. I can't baby wear either so any ideas? Tia
    Not sure if this will be helpful but I get through shopping with my toddler by feeding her. I usually have one container of fruit and one with crackers. Most of the time it takes her the whole shop to eat it all. Otherwise she is a bit of a tornado.

    I've also been doing a reward for "soft, gentle hands with the baby" as DD1 has been doing the same thing - hitting for attention. It doesn't always work but it has reduced the frequency and intensity of the hitting. You could try that during shopping, for every soft, gentle hands touch she gets a small reward (a sultana or something else that you are comfortable with). Might help.


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