Hi all, so a little bit of background about me. We are currently TTC#3. First two were conceived with no issue, quite quickly. We have been trying since May and I have been charting and using OPKs. This is the first formally tracked cycle with a FS. I have been having regularly blood tests to monitor where I am in my cycle, hormone levels etc. Currently CD16.
I have been O'ing approx CD19 with only a 7 day LP.

Can someone please tell me what this means. Today I got my first flashing smiley on the OPK which apparently means that estrogen is rising. I also had bloods today, and those results show that my estrogen has not risen at all in the past two days (LH actually dropped slightly). Of course I will believe the bloods, but, why did I get a flashing smiley then? Sunday will be CD19, but the FS doesn't think I will O by then by looking at my levels. I think I still will because I have started getting very slight O twinges. No EWCM yet. What does all of this mean?