Hi my Dr called and I'm 5 weeks and 1 day my tsh is 3.8 (was 3.7 with my 4yr old) free t4 is 12.4. I never been treated with meds before as they have always ignored my thyroid etc now she wants to start me on thyroxine I'm not sure I want to start it right now not sure worth the risk since never been on meds. And thinks seem OK for now. I saw the better Dr yesterday and he said not high enough to worry what do I do.
im just not sure i want to mess around right now when things are well for now, just for this dr
i mean i have been telling her for ages when my thryroid goes up and down all the time, tsh does as i lose weight it drops etc when on diet shakes and losing weight, was at 3.0 4 months ago.
like i said it was tsh 3.7 when pregnant with my 4yr old and it never got checked again and she is fine but not sure on what the free t4 was,

im not sure im ready to have meds and my body mixed around with when pregnant