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    Default 3 year old doesn't want anything to do with me! :(

    I picked my 3 (4 in January) year old up from preschool today. He was running to the gate, excited to leave for the day and he fell on the concrete. I could hear his skin scrape and I thought he must have grazed his hands and maybe his knees. I came to see if he was okay and asked if he was alright as I was walking towards him and he got up and ran away from me and screamed that he didn't want me to touch him!! This is the second time it's happened now! I have no idea what I've done wrong? But clearly I've done something he doesn't like?? He just screamed and cried at me and told me to go away even after I had backed off and wasn't approaching him anymore!!

    He used to run to me the second he hurt himself! But now it seems he wants nothing to do with me. He even tells me he doesn't want me when I come into his room at 3 am when he has woken up and is crying! He will hardly hug me or let me touch him at all anymore! Where he used to be a very affectionate little boy who loved his cuddles! Every thing is a massive fight with him. I ask him to get dressed and he throws a tantrum, I tell him it's time to go and he screams and throws a tantrum. Instead of just simoly asking for something to eat if he is hungry like he used to he will throw a massive tantrum because he wants something but won't tell me what he wants? I just don't know what to do?

    The only thing I can think of is that I am having another baby in January. Although he has seemed excited about this idea? He talks to my belly and tells me all the things he and the baby will do once it's born. Even so I try to spend some one on one time with him while his big brother is at school but he just tells me to go away or that he doesn't want me? I can deal with him becoming more independent I mean he is almost 4 and I know he wants to do things for himself but WHY would he run away from me and scream when I try to see if he is okay?? I don't know what I am doing wrong?? I cried once we got home from preschool because it hurt so much to hear my litle boy tell me to stay away from him and he didn't want me to see if he was okay! He interacts with other adults and kids perfectly fine and I am constantly told he is a lovely boy who is very affectionate and friendly and caring??? I'm so lost!

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    DD has also started this, I am wondering if it has to do with development needs that I cannot fulfill? She has transitioned from being lovely and caring to wanting her daddy more and shunning me.

    Hopefully it is just a phase OP, good luck and give some extra kisses and cuddles to your munchkin.

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    Sounds like my DD when I got to about 6/7 months pregnant with DS and it hasn't let up. Well she still wants me around 24/7, but the tantrums have been worse since then.

    So no advice just hugs.

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