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    Default Best person to see about a coccyx injury

    About 4 months ago i fell on my tail bone during roller skating and have been in pain ever since.
    For about a week after i couldnt sit down at all. That passed and i was ok.

    It has been getting increasingly sore when i sit for long periods of time, now it starts hurting after about 20 mins of sitting. I feel again during skating about 2 weeks ago, though not directly on it and it has been very sore since.

    I thnk its time to get it looked at.

    Who should i see?

    I thinking all the GP is going to do is xray it and then theres nothing really they can do. Would a chiropractor be better or maybe phyiso?

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    I had a tail bone injury when I had my DS. I had it xrayed and nothing was broken or out of place. I ended up going to an Osteopath as due to the pain and bruising of the injury I was compensating when sitting. He manipulated the muscles around my tails bone area and lower back and I had some great relief from the pain. It dulls with time but it took a good 3 months for it to feel normal. I still get some pain when sitting in hard seats or driving for extended times. If you haven't tried an Osteopath before I would give it a go! Good luck tail bone pain sucks!


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