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    My god I'm so sorry your poor DD has gone through this, the incident has been handled appallingly. Public schools have a very clear response of both teachers and upper management on how the ed dept and child protection wants them to handle it. It appears this school has attempted to sweep this under the carpet and not expected you to go into bat for your daughter. For starters they should never have been questioned together. She also deserved to have an advocate present, particularly how you specifically said you wanted to be there.

    What disturbs me the most is that the school says your DD only said he slapped her and he did not admit he did anything, yet your DD is adamant she told and he admitted it. I believe your daughter. This isn't just mismanagement, it's far more serious imo, they are deliberately lying to cover it up. Omitting you from the equation shows the cover up was very premeditated. Not having you there meant there was no proof if he did confess.

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    Quick update...

    Have written an email to district office, still awaiting a reply.

    Dd1 has been going to school (her choice), she has had a couple of days off just after it happened. The boy went on holidays (or was absent from school anyway) for 10 days and dd1 was a lot happier and enjoyed going to school. He came back this week and dd1 has told me he has started picking on her. I asked if she told the teacher (who was supposed to be keeping a close eye on them anyway), and she said no because the teacher doesn't do anything so she doesn't bother. She is having the day off today as she doesnt want to go, and I've told her next week its up to her (last week of school). She wants to go thursday as they are having a class party and friday (half day) because it will be her last day with her friends as she will be at the new school next year. I will continue to respect her wishes and will keep trying to get a response from the district office.

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    I can't believe after what happened there haven't been enough measures in place to stop bullying! Disgraceful. Hopefully your dd will enjoy her remaining time with her other classmates.


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