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    Default 3 year old too busy playing to poo in the potty.

    My DD is 3.5, she was potty trained back in August/September. She doesn't have any wee accidents at home anymore but has now taken to pooing in her undies when she's playing and doesn't want to stop. She's still wearing a night nappy and will poo in that if it's not taken off as soon as she gets up.

    She used to poo in the potty and still will sometimes so I know she's not afraid and she's not constipated. She doesn't tell us when she's had an accident and doesn't get upset. She's not bothered by the poo and would sit in it all day if we left her. She runs off when I try to clean her up and throws a tantrum if I try to put her in the shower.

    I've asked her why she does it and she just says 'I don't know' she knows poo should go in the potty.

    I really think she's just being lazy and I'm not sure of the best way to handle it, mostly I just stay calm and clean her up. Although I'm about to try bribing her. I considered time out and making her clean out her undies herself.

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    We don't have that problem but we have been toilet training so if I was in that situation I would get her to help clean her undies instead of using bribery or time out.

    I'm a big believer in "natural consequence" for undesired behaviour. So if we make a mess at the table, we help to clean it up. If we poop in our pants...

    She's too little to clean them properly on her own but she can be made to take time out of her play to watch as you clean them and then help put them in the washing machine, hang them out, etc. And she might get the message that it is just quicker and more convenient to put the poop in the potty. Or you could remind her while she helps to wash her pants - "hey next time just run and put the poop in the potty then you can go back and play. If you poop in your pants you will have to stop playing to help me clean your pants."

    And, just wanted to add, our boy still occasionally poops in his pants but it's usually because the door to the bathroom/potty was closed and he couldn't get in, or the poop just came too quick - sloppy poop accidents. If she's having those kind of accidents then I'd be more forgiving.

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    My 3yo dd does the same thing....it's soo frustrating 😤
    I've gone from staying calm, to getting mad and even sending her to bed but nothing works. I have a kinder surprise as a bribe sitting in her sight and I even gave all the other kids a treat when she pooed her pants and all she got was a rant and sent to bed! She starts kindy next yr and has to be toilet trained, we drive past the kindy every day on the school run and tell her that's where she's going when she poo's in the toilet.
    I know she's going to poop today and I have been reminding her for the past two days to poo in the loo and she'll get her treat and we'll all be really happy....just waiting to see what she does.
    She knows she shouldn't do it because she hides now and I have to sniff her out!
    Out of five kids, this is the first time I've had to deal with this, arghhhh!
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