Could you be our Egg Donor Angel?
Hearing the words ‘You have cancer’ was devastating, life changing and a moment we could have never prepared for. Five days before my 29th Birthday I was diagnosed with Stage III Bowel Cancer. Unfortunately, due to the location of the tumour I was unable to undergo fertility preservation - we not only had to fight cancer but also had to come to the terms with our infertility. After 12 months of chemotherapy, radiation and multiple surgeries – I am now cancer free, we can’t be happier, we are so grateful. The treatment was successful in saving my life, but has left me infertile. Our dreams of having a baby together have been shattered. We are a loving couple who are set to be married on 22nd August 2015 – we are searching for our Egg Donor Angel. The only way we can continue to hope for our child is to find a generous and compassionate woman who is preferably under 35 years of age, has completed her own family and who is willing to donate her eggs. If you are that special someone who is willing to give us the greatest gift – the gift of life in providing your eggs, please contact Queensland Fertility Group (Cairns) via email and quote reference #060607. All costs will be covered and we are happy for you to donate anonymously or alternatively seek contact with us via QFG. We have so much love to give and will never give up hope in searching for our Egg Donor Angel.