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    See this is why I love bub hub. I'm admittedly quite close minded when it comes to certain things (due mainly to not being aware of things that don't apply to me - simply through things not being something I've questioned previously).

    As I said if someone can explain what it means to them as an atheist, I was genuinely interested and as stated, prepared to change my views - which I have.

    Just to clarify I wasn't having a dig at people for being atheist (every logical thought in my head questions my faith on a regular basis), we all have different belief systems, it was the link specifically to Christmas that I questioned.

    Our Family is now complete.
    Welcome DS The 'Easy One' 28.09.2014.
    Feisty and Independent DD 02.03.2012
    DH 36
    L'il ol Me 31.

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    We celebrate Hogswatch. Last year we even had a tiny Death of Rats at the top of our tree. This is for our household as one member is an atheist, I'm Pagan, my DD doesn't have any beliefs yet and FOB is Catholic. Our traditional movie is The Hogfather. We give gifts, eat good food then go and celebrate Christmas with FOB family who are mostly Catholic. Our neighbour's are Christian and they get in on the Hogswatch thing at our house and we get in on the Christmas one at theirs. I imagine the time will be confusing when DD is older but she's a bright spark I'll explain it to her before she goes to school that different people celebrate different things.

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    Another atheist here, I'll use these lyrics to sum up my feelings on the season -

    I really like Christmas
    It's sentimental, I know, but I just really like it
    I am hardly religious
    I'd rather break bread with Dawkins than Desmond Tutu, to be honest

    And yes, I have all of the usual objections
    To consumerism, the commercialisation of an ancient religion
    To the westernisation of a dead Palestinian
    Press-ganged into selling Playstations and beer
    But I still really like it

    I'm looking forward to Christmas
    Though I'm not expecting a visit from Jesus

    I'll be seeing my dad
    My brother and sisters, my gran and my mum
    They'll be drinking white wine in the sun
    I'll be seeing my dad
    My brother and sisters, my gran and my mum
    They'll be drinking white wine in the sun

    I don't go in for ancient wisdom
    I don't believe just 'cos ideas are tenacious it means they're worthy
    I get freaked out by churches
    Some of the hymns that they sing have nice chords but the lyrics are dodgy

    And yes I have all of the usual objections
    To the mis-education of children who, in tax-exempt institutions,
    Are taught to externalise blame
    And to feel ashamed and to judge things as plain right and wrong
    But I quite like the songs

    I'm not expecting big presents
    The old combination of socks, jocks and chocolate's is just fine by me

    Cos I'll be seeing my dad
    My brother and sisters, my gran and my mum
    They'll be drinking white wine in the sun
    I'll be seeing my dad
    My brother and sisters, my gran and my mum
    They'll be drinking white wine in the sun

    And you, my baby girl
    My jetlagged infant daughter
    You'll be handed round the room
    Like a puppy at a primary school
    And you won't understand
    But you will learn someday
    That wherever you are and whatever you face
    These are the people who'll make you feel safe in this world
    My sweet blue-eyed girl

    And if my baby girl
    When you're twenty-one or thirty-one
    And Christmas comes around
    And you find yourself nine thousand miles from home
    You'll know what ever comes

    Your brothers and sisters and me and your Mum
    Will be waiting for you in the sun
    Whenever you come
    Your brothers and sisters, your aunts and your uncles
    Your grandparents, cousins and me and your mum
    We'll be waiting for you in the sun
    Drinking white wine in the sun
    Darling, when Christmas comes
    We'll be waiting for you in the sun
    Drinking white wine in the sun
    Waiting for you in the sun
    Waiting for you...

    I really like Christmas
    It's sentimental, I know...

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    We celebrate xmas to an extent. My family is catholic, and it used to be a massive deal for our family. We would ho to church on xmas eve and xmas morning, and then have the whole family (plus extended family) over for breakfast, lunch and dinner with all the trimmings. Most years we had 30+ people and it was great. But as everyone has gotten older and especially since my nan died, its really lost a lot of the joy.

    Dh and I arent xmas people. If it was just us, we probably wouldnt really acknowledge it at all. But because of the kids, we do try to make it special for them. To us, xmas is a time for family. We don't really do the gift thing (the last few years we havent even done santa). Its really the only time our family (mum, sister, grandad, uncle) are able to be together for more than a couple of hours. The kids love it- they get more joy out of having that special time with loved ones than they do anything else. We dont do a xmas tree, we dont do decorations. We focus on family and what it means to be together.

    We dont really attend xmas parties. Dh usually has a work break up party but its not a xmas party. This year he wont be there anyway even though he is manager (it falls on his days off).

    Having said all that, my dads parents get right into xmas. Its not our thing but they get a lot of joy out of it because we are the only family they have so we go along with it for them. They spoil the kids, go all out with decorations etc.... it makes them happy so why not. Again for dh and I its about family.

    I guess too for me personally, losing my nan a month before xmas kind of killed the magic for me. She was the glue that held our family together and when she passed it all fell apart. And because it happened so close to xmas, it was still very raw and it didnt feel right celebrating without her. So we didnt. And because of that, its started a new tradition of just having a relaxing, stress free, food coma inducing day with immediate family and enjoying the rare opportunity to be with each other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A-Squared View Post
    We celebrate it as we are catholic / Christian. I often wonder the same as you, but more so wonder why people who aren't religious participate in Christmas. So many people identify as atheist yet still celebrate it.
    Anther atheist family here who celebrates Christmas. For us it's just an excuse for the family to 'break bread' together and acknowledge/celebrate another year passing and our family network. (irony intended )

    We aren't raising our children as atheist, until recently neither of them were aware of concepts of religion or deities. (We had to bring the subject up with DS as there was SRI classes at school so we thought it best he knew why the students got divided up.)

    As a teenager I asked my Mum one day why we celebrate Christmas if we weren't religious. Her answer was "because every culture needs their celebrations and festivals" but it was in this sort of tone -> Not sure why I mentioned that, I think her response was kind of funny now.

    Christmas as we know it now is a mis-mash of various festivals and celebrations from various cultures and festivities. Even Santa is a blend of characters from Saint Nicholas (4th Century - Turkey), various Dutch interpretations and the sleigh riding bit from a 19th century poem.

    ETA: Historically religion had no part in marriage - it was I believe in the middle ages when the church got involved in marriage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LaDiDah View Post
    Because it's a tradition
    Because it isn't based on Christianity
    Because it's good fun
    Because it's magical
    Because it's about spending time together

    It's like marriage - you can't take an entire tradition and stick a faith in front of it to make it inaccessible to others. Some people tell their kids xmas is about Jesus, I'll tell my DD it's about family and Santa. Different belief system but same underlying reason - something magic for them to believe in.
    This is perfect.

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    Another atheist here.
    We celebrate Christmas as family time. It's a time for us to spoil each other, spend proper time together and eat delicious food. Everyone chooses something they'd really like to eat and we have it!
    My immediate family is tiny - just Dad, sister and I and our partners and this year DS. Sisters partner never comes to Xmas so it's even smaller. I can't ever imagine not making a special effort at Xmas for family.

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    We semi-celebrate. We're both atheists, and if it were up to DP we wouldn't celebrate at all.
    As it is, we see family at Christmas time, and eat lots of food. I talk to DD about people's beliefs, how the story of Santa comes from St Nick etc.
    as DD gets older I'll likely put up decorations, have stockings that mysteriously get filled etc. I don't intend to outright tell her that Santa came etc. (just 'well some people say'... Etc.).

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    Some very interesting replies, thanks ladies! I think it's particularly sweet that non-Christians (read: Muslims and other religion followers) are happy to get involved for the fun of it.

    I suppose it's just the same as us Christians/Agnostics/Athiests getting on board with other cultural festivals. I personally love going to the Chinese New Year festival at Southbank in Melbourne even though that's not the New Year or culture I follow...the decorations, music, food and overall vibe is awesome!

    I always thought Xmas would have been pretty "in your face" to non-celebrators...turns out I'm pretty well wrong (and happy to be).

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