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    Default Newborn settling bub tips

    DS is 7 weeks old. We have just gone through a couple of horrendous weeks - he had a wonder week (I think) followed by his jabs and a growth spurt and it's all just been too much for him!

    He seems to have settled down now, but with it has come a need to be on me constantly. Getting him to sleep in his bassinet during the day is getting hard. He will fall asleep on me but if I put him down he somehow senses he isn't on me. He will last about 45 minutes max before waking up (usually more like 20-30 minutes). If I put him down drowsy he will wake up instantly, and if I put him down awake to go to sleep with a dummy etc he just looks around and won't close his eyes. I can resettle him easily enough and he will get sleepy, but its an endless cycle of me putting him down and him waking up. He is now starting this during his night feed as well - he just won't go back down without a lot of settling and fussing around

    I have an ergo which is great, and I am looking into slings as well, but on days like today (39C) its just too hot (plus he gets too heavy after a while!). I am feeling a bit worried that he isn't getting enough sleep during the day. I do allow him to sleep on me while I go about my business but sometimes I need some space, and I want to encourage him to sleep on his own too.

    Has anyone got any ideas? I don't really have a daytime routine as such, we have a night one which (has usually) worked well.

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    Hey just coming out of the tail end of this situation (I hope!) my Bub would only take day sleeps on me but am slowly getting her to sleep in the bassinet.. I think for me it's a lot of trial and error and dumb luck... Things that helped for me (I'm sure you've done some already) are swaddling her and getting her nearly asleep then into bassinet with my hand on her tummy until her eyes close, white noise (rain), musical lullabies on repeat, shushing when in the bassinet and sometimes I give up and put her in the middle of our bed and pat and shush until she falls asleep... If you have a pram with bassinet I find if I take her for a half hour walk in that she normally falls asleep...but some days I just throw in the towel and let her sleep on me... Good luck ! Will let u know if I think of any other sneaky tricks.. Oh yeah! If her eyelids are really really heavy and she is very close to sleep I will run my finger between her eyes and down her nose which closes her eyes and sometimes keeps them shut xx

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