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    I have a nearly 2 year old that rarely eats much. But it's related to her syndrome. In saying that the one thing I've learnt after almost 2 years of feeding therapy is to just keep offering. It seems wasteful. But offer. And try giving something you know they like and put other things with it that they might try.
    And hard as it is try not to stress about mealtimes yourself. Your anxiety and frustration often makes it harder. And lots of praise and encouragement when eating happens.

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    Hi, my son used to be like that (now 26 months). I did worry a lot about it, so tried all sorts of things. He only used to eat those Rafferty's food in pouches and yoghurt. It really is a phase, but I think a few things that helped were:
    -seeing me and DH eat stuff he hasn't tried before and seeing that we "love" (we exaggerate our reactions) it
    - keep offering. His curiosity got the better of him eventually. No pressure if he didn't want it (I gained weight eating unwanted food, ha!)
    - involved him in the prep or let him watch me make his food

    I did give him an "appetite booster"/supplement that I got my mum to send from overseas. I know this isn't the norm in Australia, but my mum swore that I was the same as a child and supplementing did help me boost my appetite. I was convinced, lol.

    Recently, I got him to like proper deli cheese (havarti) by giving him a pinch of what I'm having every single day for a week. He only used to like those Kraft "plastic cheese." He would make a face each time, but one day he just ate it and even asked for more. I did the same with grape tomatoes and peanut butter sandwich. Seems to work!


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