For those who started family in their 30s, what age gap do you have between kids?

We are 35 & had DS1 when we were 34. It took us about 7 cycles to get our BFP last time. As it turns out, OH has morphology issues & I have a uterine abnormality/one tube & ovary . We may have fluked things last time & not be so lucky next time round...if ever.

Because we are "older" in a reproductive sense, I have felt like we should get cracking with #2. We did try last month, but after I just had a horrendeous period, I really don't feel ready to get on the rollercoaster again at all. It has triggered a depressive episode. Maybe it is too soon?

I'm torn between wanting to TTC #2 & waiting a bit longer. Is 6 months off to get myself mentally more stable going to make a difference in the scheme of things?

Feeling rather lost.