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    Default Sticky situation

    im 24 and my partner soon will be as well. My partner is about to be a dad for the first time, his ex gf is expecting their child in early November this year.
    The mother of the child refuses to speak to my partner, which obviously upsets him. We're negotiating everything through a mediater ATM, which is a slow drawn out process.
    the mother is in Harvey bay and we're in brisbane.
    I guess I'm here to get advice on how to handle this situation, as I want to help my partner out the best I can and look forward to being able to help him and to help look after his daughter.
    we don't know when we will get to see her or if we ever will but we're hoping and trying to get visitation rights and what not after the first year, as my partner wants his daughter to be breast feed and all that.

    also if and when we find out about this... What baby things would we need for a 1 year old girl. We want to be ready for her.

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    Hi, I would definitely wait until you know for sure you have shared access to the child as you may go out and buy all these things only for things not to go to plan and that may be heartbreaking to see all these things around your home without having her able to come stay at your place. Anyhow for a one yr old you will need a larger style cot with mattress and cot sheet set a baby shop can help you pick it. A few toys for her age group, maybe some DVDs of shows she watches at home so she can feel at ease, also go through your house and do some checks there are no blind cords or hazard issues-such flat screen TV needs to be secured we use a safety strap that's fixed to the back of the TV and screw down to the wall unit. You might need some extra clothes, I wouldn't go overboard probably 3-4 of each to start; some singlets, long sleeve tops and short sleeve tees, a jacket and jumper, pants and shorts and a few dresses but again wait till it gets closer so you know her size and the season probably a size 1 or 2.
    Some plastic bowls and spoons. Nappies and wipes, some Panadol or nurofean for her age group. find out what bottles or sippy cup she drinks from so you can have a few at home. I'm not sure what else but I'm positive others can give some great tips. Good luck
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