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Just a broken toe for me...I ran in to a friend and broke it on the back of her shoe. Had no idea. That toe got stood on multiple times through the night. It was so swollen, bruised and SORE the next day.
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I've not really had any mishaps while drunk, unfortunately most of mine happen when I'm sober. I have had a friend break my toe before though, similar to PoT's story. We were at a friends house and everyone was barefoot except one girl in boots who kicked my little toe somehow. I was quite drunk at the time so I don't recall it hurting too much. When I woke up the next day though it was painful and bruised a good few cm down my foot, on the top, side and sole of my foot. It was pretty impressive. Luckily i was a uni student at the time so didn't have to wear closed in shoes too often (except for a couple of days a week when I was at work).