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    Hi Ladies, sorry for the delay in my announcement. My baby boy Matthew was born on Wednesday 22nd July at 1802 weighing 3.43kg and length 50.5cm. Expected him to be bigger as I kept being told I was having a "big baby." The birth was quite traumatic for me as I ended up having a forceps delivery due to spending 2 hours pushing and it being decided that it was too long and there was no progress. Luckily baby wasn't distressed on his monitoring but I certainly couldn't have gone on like that. I had an episiotomy but still ended up with a fourth degree tear that had to be mended in theatre (and was advised that if I get pregnant again it would be best to have a section as if I tear that badly again it could leave me incontinent, absolutely no arguments from me!). So I have been rather bruised and tender. Hurts to walk at times, in fact when I got home on Saturday my Mum had to help me out of the car. Since then I have been rather tired, Matthew not sleeping well during the night his major sleep tends to be either early or late afternoon. He started cluster feeding and a lot of it was for comfort, so I gave in and used a dummy for comfort earlier today, so far so good but will await to see how well it works. At least that way I can see that he is feeding properly and it reassures me. Otherwise he is absolutely beautiful and being a Mum is an experience like no other, can't believe he is finally here. I would attach a picture of him but can't work out how to do it, I have tried a few times previously (ie for bump photos in pregnancy) but it wouldn't let me, can anyone tell me how to do this and I will have another go.

    Congratulations @Essence08 and @Jen182 on the lovely news of your new arrivals. Wonderful to hear the good news

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    @bbhope - your DH sounds a bit cheeky! LOL. You should get at least one bump pic, it's nice to show bub one day "look, you were in my tummy". I think we may be usingdifferent needles? I don’t have one that finishes at 6 per insert. Mine came with my blood glucose monitor pack and 1.5 works for me. I have the Accucheck Performa and it comes with the needle and test strips. Yes, you’re right, it’s best to use the edge of the fingertip, but sometimes I forget. I test 3 times daily – before breakfast and 2 hours after lunch and dinner. My doc suggested my levels be at 5.5/7.2/7.2 and so far this week I’m behaving. No pizza so far obviously. Ooh yes, I could do 3 slices too. As if you could say no to pizza when it’s right in front of you, I know I couldn’t.

    I filled out my NDSS registration form and when I asked my diabetes doc to sign it he recommended me not to register as once you’re on the list it’s hard to get off. Not sure what the problem is with being on the list anyway, but he thought it wasn’t worth it just yet. No doubt I will eventually register as I’m pre-diabetic to begin with so it’s pretty much inevitable, especially if I keep on eating pizza LOL.

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    New thread over here and I have started it with your new roll call.


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