I'm not normally one to turn to the hub before a GP for medication advice but I there's a back story why I'm hoping for some wise-hubber "second opinions".

DS has been sick - A LOT. DH took him to the GP last time, who suggested giving him Aerius Children for 5 days. In that time his cold cleared up and he was well for a few days after stopping the course. Now he's sick with yet another cold. We were already suspecting allergies might be playing a part as he's been 'snuffly' since day 1. So now I'm going to head back to the GP to discuss long-term antihistamine for DS to have every day in the hope of preventing him catching every bug that passes his way.

The problem is, we moved to our new area earlier this year and have been going to a big 'no appointment' clinic. You can request a specific doctor, but as yet I haven't found one I'm completely sold on. I've also been given contradictory advice from one GP to the next (One said to give nurofen 4 hourly for a high temp, the next freaked out that I'd been given that advice. One prescribed another dose of pred-mix 1 week after we'd just finished a course. Another said it should not be taking more often than once a month.)

Plus, a friend who goes to the same clinic has been given contradictory advice specifically on allergy medication for her toddler. One doc said Zyrtec, the next said no because apparently it causes brain development issues in young children if given long term.

So, without a GP I can trust, I want to go in armed with some genuine research and information. Please share what antihistamine you're giving your little ones daily long term and any recommendations your trusted GPs have given you on ones not to give.