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    He's just wet a fourth pair of underpants (outside this time, thankfully), so I've given up and put him back in a nappy since he's making no effort at all. It's times like this I really wish I was a drinker!

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    Apparently boys can be ready alot older than girls. I read something the other day as late as four sometimes. Maybe just give him a break and then try again in a few weeks.

    A friend of mines son only tt at 3.5yrs. They'd tried before with similar results to you then one day it just clicked.

    Regarding the wetting in undies, the link someone posted earlier in this thread said that with undies they still have the feeling around the tops of their thighs and waist like a nappy so it's instinctive for them to just go in them.

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    We're going to try starting TT this weekend with 2 yr & 1 mth old DD. It should be nice and warm, so we'll either go no-undie-sat'dey and no-undie-sun'dey or I might take her to Target and we'll chose some 'big girl' undies to wear with a t-shirt to keep the sun off. We've got a new high back & side potty arriving as well as our old traditional potty which she seems to have trouble sitting down on. She want to sit on her potty when I go to the toilet, she says toilet and I have to take her pants down, nappy off and sit her on it. But we never have any result other than I have to be extra quick and finish so that I can catch her and dress her again. Hubby and I work full-time and she's in family daycare 8 hours a day, so weekends are our best bet for a start. Luckily our carer is awesome, she's like a second home to our DD and I know there won't be any issues sending her to daycare when we start TT. Hopefully we'll have some success but I'm not too worried that we won't get anywhere on the first attempt. Fingers crossed.
    (BTW: this is the 'poo hands' DD that I mentioned in my 'poo hands' post. So maybe we'll get two birds with the one potty so to speak.



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