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    Default Overactive letdown in one breast

    Hi ladies
    Hoping I can get some desperately needed advice

    I have a 3 week old beautiful daughter who is breastfed. In the last week, the let down in my left breast has seriously gotten out of control. Bub pulls off constantly due to the strong flow, screams, face and body get covered in milk, I spray everywhere while trying to subdue her. This happens for an hour, it's a really awful experience for us both.

    - I have tried allowing this breast to 'leak' while feeding from the right side to alleviate the pressure. When I do this I collect 40-50ml of leaking/spraying in the bottle. This seems like so much.

    - I have tried feeding her upright stomach to stomach rather then nipple downward towards her, figure gravity might help here. Didn't really work.

    - the breastfeeding association when I spoke to the hotline also said i could try a nipple shield. But if I am getting 40ml minimum coming out when I'm not even feeding from that side, surely the shield will fill up and fall off? I don't have much knowledge of shields so please englihten me

    Anyway, I don't know how much longer we can do this. She is 3.5 weeks old. Why has this only started this week and will it settle? I really feel like giving up, we both wind up in tears and it's so stressful. She has also had a couple of green poos as I believe she is getting too much foremilk due to all this

    Any advice would be really really helpful. Thank you all xx

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    Oh this brings back memories! In my experience it settled after 12 weeks both times. My first DD was always a good feeder and once it settled a bit she was fine. My 2nd has been fussier and even now at 7 months struggles with letdown sometimes.
    In the early days I would have a terry nappy out at each feed and would let all the excess milk drain into it during letdown, then I'd feed laying as far back as comfortable for both of us.
    And always have a cloth handy if you're out in public, my DD would pull off then my milk would be spraying everywhere... fairly embarrassing
    Good luck, definitely call the ABA again if you need help

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    Subbing. DS is 4 weeks and has the worst wind pain from gulping too much air with my letdown.

    Our Family is now complete.
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    It will settle soon express from the busy boob before feeding.

    wifey of hubby who is always away. mother of two girls who are always amusing.


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