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    I disliked the article, and I work full time.

    She comes across like a real b!sh to be honest.

    Her friends are venting because they are struggling with being a SAHM. Women should just shut up and pretend everything is perfect in their lives when it's not?

    I'd much rather a friend be honest and say 'you know what, my day has sucked', than prance on over to my house and hold back tears while they tell me how wonderful SAH life is.

    There are SAHM's on here that have it really tough. So many of them are doing it solo, or their other half barely lifts a finger because they 'bring home the bacon'. Why begrudge them a vent here and there?

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    I read that article the other day, but I took it more in the spirit of "people and their first world problems" I guess.

    I'm not a stay at home mum (I hope I will be one day) and I understand it must be a tiring and difficult job. But I have to admit I have caught myself gritting my teeth at a certain friend who, (after I've gotten up at 5.30am because I need 3 hours before work to feed all the animals and drive the 45kms to get to work, worked all day, then had to repeat the long drive home, feeding ritual and other things I need to do at night, collapse into bed and get up and do it all again the next day) has a huge whinge every afternoon on facebook because she has to get out of her pj's to do the school pickup. Yes, I have been known to think "OH you POOR THING!" lol. BUT then I remember 2 things: Firstly, I'm jealous, because I want that to be my life (all the good and the bad of it) and we're struggling to TTC. Hearing someone whinge when they've got what you desperately want can make you think nasty thoughts, whether you intended to or not. And secondly, I too chose my life, so if I whinge about the long drive (from the beautiful hills I get to live in) and the time it takes to feed all my (gorgeous animals I never want to be without) and working all day (at my cruisey, well paid job where I'm well respected) then I'm doing exactly the same thing (and absolutely, I do whinge about it!!)

    Although the article is a bit judgy and could have been written in a much nicer tone (and the writer probably thought she had the right to come across that way because she is a SAHM herself) I think the take home message should have been more of a "be grateful for what you have, because many people are living lives they would trade with you in a heartbeat".

    I do think everyone needs to have a bit of a vent sometimes (whether they're a SAHM, working mum or a worker without kids) especially when their day has been especially bad, and those people are certainly not the people I'm thinking of. It's more the 'ungrateful for their lives' people. (That includes people I know on FB who go on 3 holidays a year and say things like "Ugh, the flight to the US is just soooo horrible and long. Guess you have to take it to go to Vegas though". Seriously. There's a lot of people that don't have the money to go on holidays at all you know, and I imagine they're giving you the finger through the screen right now! )

    ETD: I know what you mean about the article saying women who are working are putting up with being sexually harassed and dealing with horrible bosses etc. Erm, not all jobs are like that! Mine is actually rather nice! Why can't she just acknowledge that both jobs are hard and stop trying to make women compete against each other all the time.
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