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    Default tantrums in one year old, management tips

    Im sure I've posted about this before but I am looking for fresh tips and perspectives.
    My son, my dear son is driving me bananas. I used to think he'll grow out of it but now Im not so sure. He's 1 and he has the biggest tantrums Ive ever seen.
    I cannot leave the room, I cannot put him down and do stuff even if Im visible, everyday I have to deal with major screaming if I want to get out the door or if I need to go to the toilet or if I need to make something to eat or if need to put some washing on the line. Its unbearable, I now just get on with things and try to tune him out because simply I HAVE TO GET ON WITH IT, but I dont like it, I wonder why he does what he does.
    He also screams when his sister tries to hug or kiss him, I observe she doesnt hurt him, shes gentle but still he carries on like its the end of the world.
    Theres no distracting no amount of cuddles that will tame the tantrum once its started.
    This morning (like every morning) I got myself ready, the kids then I had to pack the bag and even tho he could see me he started crying and screaming to the point I couldnt think about what I was doing so I had to put him in the car, strapped to his carseat in the garage he calmed down and was asleep when we left (he wasnt tiered as he'd wake up 45min before)
    Please tell me some techniques, is this even normal...

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    Find friends who have kids that he likes then offload him on them.

    I think you have a koala baby. No help but I'm sure it will improve.


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