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    Default Cycle dramas post the pill :(

    Hi ladies, I'm new to this site. Just coming on to get some advice/reassurance/support. I'm 28 and came off the pill in June after 10 years hoping to conceive our first child. My husband is a FIFO worker, so I was ready for a potentially rocky journey to get our timing right. What I wasn't ready for was no cycle at all after the pill.

    I am now up to day 116 of this cycle! It has been a loooong 4 months. I started acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine 4 weeks ago after hearing good things. I saw my GP last week and she is running some blood tests for AMH and hormone levels. Everything else so far has been normal. I had regular cycles before the pill, thyroid has come back as normal, and I am in a healthy weight range. I started going crazy waiting about 2 months ago, and started monitoring my BBT to improve my sense of control. 6 days ago I had my first temperature shift, up from my baseline of 36.3-3 to 36.8-9.

    I'm hoping this means I ovulated. And I'm hoping that (if I'm not pregnant off this eggy), my next cycle might be a little shorter!! Give my husband is only home 5 days a fortnight, if my cycles don't level out this could be a longer journey that I hoped!!

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    I was just like you. Came off the pill in 2008 to TTC and had epic and random cycles. I managed to conceive every cycle though, although had 3 miscarriages before falling pregnant with DS who was born in 2010. I went back on the pill and was still on it (althouh a bit forgetful!) and fell pregnant with DD and had her in 2013. Went back on the pill then came off it in December 2013 because I was irritable etc. Had 4 months of no period, got some tests done and they discovered very low hormone levels that indicate early menopause (I was 29) I was told we would not baby able to conceive naturally again. I went another 3 months with no period then started to feel sick and discovered I was 6 weeks pregnant with #3

    My point is - get your hormone levels checked out so you know what you are dealing with, but also - anything is possible!!

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    I was led to believe there was nothing wrong and a pg will happen, and it was 3 years before I finally put my foot down and requested a script for clomid. I was on the pill for 7 years.

    My advice would be to trust your gut and push for further tests if you feel all is not alright. Good luck


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