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    Default Toilet training advice please

    Hi everyone, I feel like this Summer will be the one for toilet training!

    My little man is 3yo and just beginning to speak. His receptive language is good, he does some signing and has limited verbal communication, but overall still has a long way to go. We are on a waiting list for testing for ASD.

    I feel he might be ready beause he can now pull his pants up and down, he knows how to hold his poo & wee (he holds it until we're home with poo), we read books on the subject and he knows what a toilet is for. Last week he told Daddy on two separate occasions when he had gone poo in his nappy. But he doesn't want to tell me, Mummy, about it. I'm not sure if that is embarrassment or if he just prefers Daddy right now. He often runs off somewhere quiet to do his business before telling us.

    I would love to hear from anyone with advice on how to accomplish toilet training with a mostly non-verbal child. He doesn't announce his needs very often. Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ayashe View Post
    He doesn't announce his needs very often. Thank you.
    This is our boy. He's two but doesn't say mum/dad, has maybe three "real" words, uses sounds and signs to communicate or label things, and doesn't tell us (in any way) when he is hungry/thirsty or when he needs to go to the toilet.

    We've been toilet training a while now because I did p/t EC (or infant toileting) with him and this transitioned into full-time toilet training at about 18months (can't remember exactly) when we got rid of pull-ups and wore cloth training pants day & night instead.

    So because he doesn't announce his needs, we put him on the "little toilet" (potty) at certain times of the day and it's become part of his routine. That's 1st thing when waking, before going out anywhere (I would put the keys in the door and get his shoes out to help him understand that we were going out), before his midday nap, before dinner, and before his evening shower.

    Another thing that helped is that I went to the toilet with him. It was just something that we did. No rewards, because it wasn't anything special - the book "Everybody poops" is a good one to get the message across that pooping is something that we all do.

    And I measure progress in little steps. Only the last week or so he's started pulling his pants down by himself, taking the potty to the toilet and flushing (you have to push quite hard to flush our loo), and (AT LAST!) actually taking himself without me taking or prompting him. Accidents now are rare instead of everyday - we've had about 7 consecutive days of no accidents and today we had two. The next big step is for him to actually use the big toilet. Then I'll consider him toilet trained.

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    My child isn't non verbal so my advice may not help. But I leave the potty in the family room in a central place so anytime DD has to go she can quickly take herself there. Most of the time she doesn't tell me she needs to go, she just takes herself. So maybe just leave it out for him to use.

    It's going to suck whether your child speaks or not. We had soooo many accidents for 2 weeks. Maybe she wasn't ready but she is quite bootylicious and didn't for normal nappies anymore so my hand was forced. Even now after 9 months she still goes through bad patches and has a gazillions accidents for a couple of weeks then none for a couple.

    I know a few little boys who struggle with #2. Don't stress if it takes him a while.


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