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    Default constantly tired and head aches increasing

    Since starting a healthy eating plan about 2 weeks ago i have noticed i am constantly tired and i get head aches every day...sometimes lasting all day.

    I havent changed so much what i eat, as how much i eat. I eat a balanced diet, fruit, veg, meat, bread and i havent cut out anything from my diet. Im just eating smaller portions and i walk my daughter to school in the mornings at least 3 times a week. I do roller derby training, but i have done so for a few months now. Ive lost 1.5 kgs so far and i thought i would be feeling great but im just tired all the time. I cant help but fall asleep on the couch when DS has a nap in the arvo. If i dont have a little nap i find i cant function in the arvos/evenings. Especially if im working that night. (i only do one night and one weekend day work which i have been doing for months)

    I tried a multivitamin but that hasnt helped. I drink plenty of water, 3-5, 700ml glasses a day

    Any ideas?

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    Hi @loislane2010

    You could be low in iron or B vitamins, or you may not be eating enough calories to sustain your daily physical needs. It is recommended for women to never ever drop below 1200 calories per day, i find when i dont eat enough i get tired and grumpy. Hope that helps 😊


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