Hi Ladies,

First of all a big congratulations on your pregnancy, such exciting news for you and your family!

I am a third year student midwife at the University of Queensland (RBWH) in Brisbane. As part of my degree I am privileged to conduct 'Follow Through Journeys' of which I am required to complete 20 before becoming registered. What this means is following a woman on her journey through pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. As students, it's great to learn from textbooks, but nothing makes you more ready for the real world than having practical skills!

The program involves the provision of extra support through my attendance at antenatal appointments (at least 5), your birth (only if comfortable) as well as postnatal visits. This is a completely confidential and voluntary program, which you are able to withdraw form at any time, no questions asked.

This program not only teaches me as a student about the importance of building a strong rapport with women but also allows for a familiar face throughout the pregnancy journey for you and your partner. I would be available to answer questions and would also have a strong knowledge of your preferences, birth plan, fears and wishes.

If you are having a baby in brisbane and had any questions regarding this program or are interesting in helping a very passionate student midwife through your participation please contact me: larissa_midwifery@hotmail.com

Happy growing,