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    Default Fever in Second Trimester


    So yesterday I has having chills (it was a warm day) and generally didn't feel well so went to the doctor and looks like I have the start of a UTI plus my heart rate was elevated and had a low fever of 37.8. The baby's heart rate was fine.

    Last night I got home and was freezing! Couldn't stop shaking however was sweating at the same time, had to change my top during the night but otherwise I didn't feel nauseas and this morning I feel OK but have a temp of 38.5.

    I suspect the fever is a result from the UTI but was wondering has anyone else experienced this and what are the implications for the baby? The baby was moving all last night and have felt her this morning but just worried what a fever might do (hopefully nothing!)

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    Have some panadol. My dr always said is best to take something as a fever can do more harm. Not entirely sure what but I just took it
    Hope you feel better soon x


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