just wondering if anyone else who experiences menorrhagia has had issues during ivf cycles and how their specialist has dealt with it?

In the past I have had bleeds that have lasted up to four months. The problem is intermittent. I have pcos as well so sometimes I don't bleed for months on end either. I have just finished a stim cycle that has ended in an epic fail only 4 days after transfer, so I am thinking that emby never stood a chance? Leading into the start of this cycle, I had been on the pill without a sugar pill break since a failed fet in June and after the full bleed to start the cycle I had breakthrough bleeding and spotting until the Saturday prior to epu on the Thursday and was assured that this was fine as my lining was still good. Looking back I think this was menorrhagia only being held off by the stim meds.

So I want to go straight back for another stim cycle as I have no frosties but don't want to just have the possibility of this happening again and want my specialist to make sure it doesn't! My question is what meds should I expecting her to include? If she seems unwilling to make changes to the next cycle, I need to find someone who will.